In partnership with the Women’s Foundation, The Lynhall is pleased to present the seventh installment of The Wisdom Series with co-founder of Studio/E, Nate Garvis

Tickets are $25, with proceeds benefiting The Young Women’s Initiative of MN.

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About Nate Garvis

Nate Garvis is a co-founder of Studio/E, an experiential learning community of diverse leaders and institutions who explore, launch and navigate new ideas to create the future they desire, rather than react to chaotic change. In addition to an institutional client base representing nearly every sector, Studio/E is proud to call over 500 individuals part of its growing membership family. Members come from every sector, spanning age groups, different income levels, sexualities, races, religions, and an entire spectrum of political positions. Most importantly, Studio/E members check their labels at the door and connect on a first name basis as people who want to grow themselves and strengthen our communities.

Nate is also the author of Naked Civics: Strip Away the Politics to Build A Better World. In that work, and the practice that he has created from it, he helps communities better regulate themselves to common good outcomes by creating cultural environments of products, services and institutions that move us forward rather than the left and right of angry politics. It is with that aim of harnessing the power of enterprise to create the kind of policy outcomes that our current political environment seems incapable of producing that he serves as a senior fellow at the Lewis Institute and Social Innovation Lab at Babson College. For over 25 years, Babson has been the top-ranked entrepreneurial business school in the world. He has sat on a number of academic, business and non-profit boards throughout the country, including Allina Health, The Public Affairs Council, the College of Arts and Science at St. Thomas University and Youth Frontiers.

Nate has a B.A. from the University of Minnesota, a J.D. from the University of Oregon and lives in Minneapolis with his wife and two daughters who are preparing themselves to launch on the world’s stage as well.

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