Incubator Kitchen

The Lynhall’s incubator kitchen was brought to life to provide a stepping stone for local food entrepreneurs to bring their products to market. We understand the many barriers to entry when starting any small business, especially in the culinary world, and in taking on the significant fixed cost of building out a rentable commercial space, we hope to break through some of these barriers. Our goal is to make the process of launching a small food business feel inclusive and supported by providing rentable commercial kitchen space, educational opportunities, access to a state-of-the-art kitchen studio, and a built-in opportunity to sell your product to guests of The Lynhall.

Kitchen Features, Equipment & Smallwares

  • 24-hour access with personalized entry
  • Building security with cameras
  • Loading dock
  • Online scheduling
  • Monthly invoicing with payment accepted via credit card or ACH
  • Products provided: Dishwasher and triple-sink sanitation chemicals, garbage liners, hand soap, bar towels, aprons, hair nets, gloves
  • Dry, locked storage space for small wares and utensils
  • Garbage, recycling and grease pick-up, dumping gray water, electricity, water, gas


Use of the following equipment

• Two – 6 burner ranges
• Stacked convection ovens
• Griddle
• Combi Oven
• Tilt Skillet
• Steam Kettle
• Charbroiler
• Duo Petco deep fryers
• 20-and 60-quart mixers
• Automatic commercial dishwasher
• Sinks
• Refrigerators
• Upright freezer
• Meat slicer
• Prep counters
• Ice machine use

Pricing, Requirements & Terms

The Lynhall accommodates and supports food entrepreneurs of all kinds, including caterers, wholesale manufacturers and food truck operators. Our pricing system is designed to be flexible and affordable. We offer month-to-month pricing, hourly pricing with discounts based on number of hours purchased, and package pricing that includes time in our kitchen studio.

Contact us to work out a pricing structure for you


Maker Membership Pricing
This pricing structure is ideal for incubator members who are ready to take their product to the next level by beginning to develop marketing assets, hosting tastings and taking advantage of The Lynhall’s educational seminars curated to support small business development. Each package offers deeper discounts on incubator kitchen hours and studio kitchen hours than the hourly pricing structure and also give members access to educational seminars at no additional charge. Maker’s package members also receive priority booking privileges over hourly members.

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