Join us for another installment of our Grandmas in the Linney Series—where we honor grandmas and invite them to share their knowledge as they create a special family recipe in our kitchen studio, The Linney.

On January 26th we will be hosting grandma Carey Lindeman, who will be preparing her own special family recipe, Wild Mushroom Beef Stroganoff. The demonstration will begin at 10am.

Carey Lindeman is a mother of 5 girls and proud grandmother of 5. Home-cooked meals and having fun in the kitchen while learning has always been important to the family. As a family we have always taken time to come together for Sunday dinner. This has been a family tradition since childhood and as the children grew and had their own families it’s a tradition that still carries on. There is always much love, laughs and lively discussion over our Sunday dinners. Carey has owned of a senior home care business since 2005, in which good nutrition is a part of every care plan. Good food is an important part of health and wellness as well as keeping people connected.

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