Join us for another installment of our Grandmas in the Linney Series—where we honor grandmas and invite them to share their knowledge as they create a special family recipe in our kitchen studio, The Linney.

On December 29th, from 10-11a,  we will be hosting grandma Lolo Fe Abellera, who will be preparing her own special family Pork Egg Roll recipe. The demonstration will begin at 10am.

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From Lolo:

I am Lola Fe, grandma of Laura and Becca, and also two younger granddaughters, Abby and Sammy. (It is very complimentary that they have submitted my name, and that I was approved to demo my eggroll recipe). My first reaction was, “why eggrolls , it is all over town?! I must say though, that like spaghetti there are several variations. My girls must have liked mine.

I am not a professional cook, and do not follow recipes, but I cook with “guts”.

The background for these particular egg rolls: for several years, we, members of the La Crosse Medical Auxiliary started a fundraising project by participating during Heritage Night (with several other food booths), in conjunction with La Crosse Oktoberfest. I had to develop a recipe that was good, easy to follow and prep, with staples readily available locally. (except for the fish sauce, though of course now it is readily available in specialty food stores). All are volunteers, cooks/non-cooks. There is a saying, “too many cooks spoil the broth”. Not in our case, we were known for our egg rolls!. Of course I am biased.

Looking forward to meeting you