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In partnership with the Women’s Foundation, The Lynhall is pleased to present the fifth installment of The Wisdom Series with Food Writer and Radio Journalist Lynne Rossetto Kasper.

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About Lynne Rossetto Kasper

Lynne Rossetto Kasper recently retired from 22 years as co-creator and host of American Public Media’s The Splendid Table®. This ended her nearly 50-year career as a food writer, teacher, speaker on her duel loves of food history and how food is evolving in our lives today, and the unexpected finale as a broadcaster.

In 1994 producer Sally Swift approached Lynne about doing a different sort of radio show on food. Like minds melded. Both saw food and cooking as far broader and deeper than solely a recipe. In 1995 Minnesota Public Radio aired The Splendid Table’s first broadcast.

Listening week to week you’d hear a physicist talk about the connection between a cappuccino, the universe, and a Styrofoam cup. Francis Lam might be sharing his recipe for Weapons Grade Ratatouille. Anthony Bourdain, in his usual low-key style, would be laying out what would happen to American restaurants if all Mexican workers disappeared. Dr. Marion Nestle could be explaining why we should care about the Farm Bill.

Lynne might be talking about the pros and cons of buying local, sustainable farming and whether organic food is worth the money. She could be revealing the three simple tools that automatically make us better cooks, and perhaps the art of hunting and gathering instead of cooking.

Back to the beginning: In 1969, in New York Lynne never imagined a career in food. Yes, she and her husband, Frank, were cooking monthly Chinese banquets for friends, obsessively researching each dish. That led to teaching Chinese cooking (and a vivid understanding of how little she knew), which led to her fascination with nearly every dimension of food. In turn that became the career Lynne never expected.

Constant learning over the years came from chefs needing a kitchen slave, the old time butcher who taught her how to cut and age meat, generous home cooks, the innovators rethinking how food works, scientists, and academics. The culmination was a 10-year odyssey in a little known region of northern Italy, Emilia-Romagna.

Emilia-Romagna’s terrior dictated that this was the only place where Parmigiano Reggiano could be made, as well as the true balsamic vinegar, Parma ham and stunning hand-made pastas. The question was, “Why this food in this place?” The answers became a 10-year adventure.

So Lynne’s first book became The Splendid Table: Recipes from Emilia-Romagna, the Heartland of Northern Italian Food. It was the first book to win both the James Beard and Julia Child/IACP Book of the Year Awards. It was followed by three more books, two of which were co-authored with producer Sally Swift.

Often we can’t imagine the future and perhaps it’s best that way.
A favorite quote from Steve Hoffman: “She has a tomato variety named after her, which is, appropriately, “intensely sweet, deep, and complex.”

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